Tidal Dreams

As you can see, I’m well and truly back on the poetry train. I thought I’d take some time to post some of my older work amongst the newer stuff. This is a favorite of mine. I wrote it back when I was 19 (wow time really does fly). It is very raw, riddled with switching tenses, repeated terms and questionable grammar. However I vividly remember the emotion it was written with.  Right, enough reminiscing, here is ‘Tidal Dreams’.

Tidal Dreams

What men are you?
You who think you can slay a god?
You ride across his watery kingdom like a turtle stuck upon its back.
While deep within the heart of the ocean, the peaceful king awaits your ‘suprise’.

Can’t you hear the song of your master?
He who sings out to you gives you one final chance to turn back.
What kind of men would you be then?
Do your women crave the return of heroes?

Which one of you heard the song upon the moonlight?
You could hear your fate.
What made you keep it to yourself?
Don’t despair young hero, the moon only talks in dreams.

Across the horizon he comes to greet you.
The great fountain shows that you are nearly at the doors of destiny.
Your eyes blaze with emotions that the sea herself cannot rival.
Silence takes hold of the elemental ambassadors.

Your ears feel like unwelcome strangers;
Only a soft wind shows pity towards them.
Are you still heroes?
Are you still warriors of the sea?

At last movement swells around you.
Again your heart races as your shaking hands hold your rusting hope of victory.
Into the water your leader’s cutting authority goes.
Its target met, it’s purpose fulfilled, its master proud.

“This is it men” a voice dances around a darkened sky.
“Show this devil who is really king of the sea”.
As the voice turns in to thunder
it is illustrated by spiteful flashes in the once peaceful sky.

Was it these words that made the emperor angry?
Or was he ready for these ‘gentlemen of the sea’
Long before their vessel first cut his glassy universe?
Only his dark eyes would ever know.

As the storm rages so does a mighty tail.
The heroes want to stand firm.
Are they afraid to save themselves?
Is failure more frightening than death?

As the fury of the ocean changes his course,
The word finally comes from a raw throat “Untie the ropes”.
The men scramble in frozen panic to reach the solid ropes
Their only hope is the blunt knives strapped to their impossible belts.

The screaming boat begins to mourn the once quiet waters
While the men hold on to each other’s hopes.
One final victorious flip of his tail,
and the giant welcomes the intruders into his icy kingdom.

A new dawn wakes upon the waiting shore.
Where had its men gone?
No cries of happy return,
Instead the beach is littered with tangled wood and broken dreams.


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