Seven Years

I can’t hear you while you’re speaking.
Your voice
your delicate sound
why is it silent when you answer me?
I hear it in the midst of night,
that delicate whimper;
that striving prayer.
Your truths and lies do not belong to you.
Who is it that owns your dreams?
Your eyes won’t betray your trust,
although I hoped they would.
I could never find you there.
Do you remember your voice?
Not the chatty laughs that haunt your mouth,
it must be so convenient to have a mirrored heart.
What is it that dwells behind a mirror after all?
A backward world or just a solid wooden frame?


George and Dave

Hello fellow humans of Earth. It’s been a while since I was here. My humble apologies for that! It’s been a busy old year of new jobs and adventures! I have today managed to pause for a while and throw some words into black and white. I was in a happy place and remembering childhood simplicity and dreams of far off lands. The result of this was the following poem George and Dave; a whimsical  poem of two voices. I will let you work out whose voice is who. I guess it is a poem written for kids, but will hopefully resonate to the child within us all.


In the morning can we go
unto the woods of green?
We’ll hunt and slay a dragon
the biggest ever seen!

We’ll track him with our cunning
and eyes as sharp as steel.
Deep in to his cave we’ll go
until his breath we feel.

Our mighty swords drawn in hand,
and shields clasped to our side.
We’ll slay that wicked scaly brute,
and win our Mother’s pride.

His razor teeth we’ll take back home
to earn a bag of gold.
Of proof they’ll need that we did
as our story told.

Say you’ll come in to the woods
and fight that dragon green!
We’ll be the bravest hunters
the world has ever seen.

Yes I’ll come in to the woods
but not to hurt or slay.
Dragons are not viscous beasts,
in fact they love to play!

I’d never pull his teeth out
for that would be a sin.
Gold coins could never rival
a dragon’s friendly grin.

His breath isn’t for fighting,
do not make that mistake.
He uses it for cooking
his pastries, bread and cake.

In the morning let us go
in to the woods of green!
We’ll go befriend a dragon
The biggest ever seen.