To begin with…

Welcome to ‘meanwhile in space’,  a shifting view of  life on this little blue planet and beyond.

There is one thing in life that has always fascinated me. the fact that as we go about our day-to-day lives, following our normal (or abnormal) routines, there are an infinite number of other occurrences happening simultaneously. For example, as I sit here typing this first blog, NASA’s Voyager I spacecraft has just reached interstellar space 12 billion miles away from our sun. Meanwhile back on earth, a family sits down to eat their evening meal with a group of homeless mothers and children that they have opened their house to. These are just a couple of remarkable stories I’ve come across of late that have really made me sit up and think.

With pressures of work, social life and mundane household chores, we can easily forget there is a whole universe out there. Different lives, different view points, different worlds all waiting to be discovered. Life on planet Earth is far from boring, although it is sometimes easy to forget where we left the excitement.

Join me as I ponder, wander, wonder, and spill words out on this page. Feel free to drop in to say hello!